How to Dye Teddy Bear Mohair Fur with Kool Aid Drink Mix

It’s fun to add color to your fur when making teddy bears. In this series I’ll show you how I do that with Kool Aid drink mix. Do you want a free teddy bear pattern?  Sign up for my teddy bear making tips newsletter and get a free teddy bear pattern:

Where Can I Buy Bear Making Supplies?

Mohair for bear making

Teddy bear making can be such a fun hobby, but finding bear making supplies in your local sewing or craft shop can be hard.  Fortunately it is very easy to order bear making fabrics, teddy bear eyes and joints for your bears online! I live in the USA, so I usually order my supplies from […]

Making Old, Primitive & Antique Style Bears

This is the latest new class that is in progress here at Teddy Bear Academy.  More videos will be added to the class weekly until it is complete. You can take this class, and ALL of the other video classes by joining Teddy Bear Academy for one low monthly price. No contract, cancel anytime!  Join […]