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Bear Making Tools

When you are just starting out, you only need a few tools in your toolbox to make teddy bears.  I have a post listing those here:  Basic Bear Making Tools.

If you decide that you really enjoy making teddy bears, you can upgrade your bear making kit if you like.  This post will tell you what I use to make my artist bears:  Advanced Bear Making Tools.

Do you want to try using alligator clips instead of pins?  See this article here:  Alligator Clips Instead of Pins

Bear Making Supplies

It can be hard to find craft supplies in your local area that you can use to make teddy bears at home.  Have you seen mohair fabric in your local fabric shop lately?  What about teddy bear joints or teddy bear eyes?  Thanks to the internet it is much easier to find and order your bear making supplies online.

Check out this page for links to sites where you can buy your teddy bear making supplies online - worldwide.  There are bear making suppliers in the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Africa and Australia!  Teddy Bear Making Supplies