Making Old, Primitive & Antique Style Bears

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Video transcript below....

Have you ever wanted to make teddy bears that look old and well loved?  In this class I will show you how I do that.  With this video I go over fabric selection, which is the first step.

Here is a selection of some of the mohair fabrics I will be creating my antique looking bears from.  Most of these fabrics are sparse fabrics.  I want my bears to look a little well loved and worn so I often start with fabrics that are sparse, and so already look a little bit worn.

I have here a couple of 1" long sparse fabrics.  I will use these long fabrics on bears about 12"-14" high or larger.  I also have some shorter sparse fabrics that I will use on smaller bears.  I have some that are 5/8" long and even 1/4" long.  As I mentioned earlier, I can use these on my smaller bears, but I will also use them on my 12" - 14" bears.  I can use the shorter mohairs on the bigger bears, but with the antique style bears it just doesn't look right to use longer mohairs on smaller bears.

These last two fabrics are NOT sparse, but they are shorter fabrics - about 1/4" and 3/8" long.  I will use these on my antique style bears as well for a different look.

I have one more source for teddy bear fur for antique looking bears, and that is thrift shops!  I found this antique coat at Goodwill.  I'm not exactly sure what type of material this is, but I looked at it and immediately "saw" that some wonderful old antique looking bears could be created from this coat.