Where Can I Buy Bear Making Supplies?

Mohair for bear making

Teddy bear making can be such a fun hobby, but finding bear making supplies in your local sewing or craft shop can be hard.  Fortunately it is very easy to order bear making fabrics, teddy bear eyes and joints for your bears online!

I live in the USA, so I usually order my supplies from companies that are located here in the States.  The companies I often order from are:  Edinburgh Imports, Intercal, CR's Crafts and for my miniature bear making I often order from Sassy Bears.

I usually use mohair for my bear making.  It's expensive, but easy to work with.  It is made from the wool shorn from angora goats, then woven onto a cotton backing and then dyed and treated in different ways to get an assortment of finishes.

Sometimes I will use a nice synthetic faux fur too.  They are a little more difficult to work with (in my opinion) but I do like the finished product!  Edinburgh and Intercal carry some beautiful faux furs that almost look and feel like real furs.  The price of those fabrics are as high or higher than the mohair.

I have found some lovely synthetic faux furs at CR's Crafts at a much lower price.  The look of these furs is a different look than the higher priced faux furs, but is also very attractive.

Do you live outside of the US?  No problem!  There are quite a number of teddy bear making suppliers located all over the world.  I have a list of them located right here:  https://teddybearacademy.net/teddy-bear-making-suppliers-worldwide/