Share Photos of the Bears you Made in Class!

Share Photos of the Bears you Made in Class!

I love seeing photos of the bears you've made from the classes here.  Share those photos here!  You can upload them with your comment.  I only ask that you limit your photos to bears you made from Teddy Bear Academy classes or patterns.    They will not show up immediately as they have to be approved to prevent spam.  Thank you, I look forward to seeing many adorable teddy bears!

Comments on Share Photos of the Bears you Made in Class!

  1. Christine Shearer says:

    Hi, Lynn! I took a few liberties with my bear but he is from your pattern and instructions only changing the size of the ears and some finishing details. I had never worked with cotter pins or mohair before and your course was very thorough covering how to best handle and get the most out of these traditional bear making materials. Now have the confidence to invest in some more fabrics and start experimenting! Thanks so much for this class – I recommend it to anyone who is a beginner or just needing a refresher… ~Christine

  2. Laura Lynn says:

    Christine your bear is just adorable! Thank you for sharing your photo and class experience. Have a lovely time making many more bears.

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