Basic Bear Making Tools

You don't need a lot of tools to start making teddy bears.  You can always add more tools to your bear making tool box if you wish later.  To start all you need are:

    • Sharp scissors (for cutting fabric and thread)
    • Fine point marker (to trace pattern onto fabric)
    • Needle nose pliers (to turn cotter pins & help pull needle when it gets stuck)
    • Sharpened chopstick (to make holes for eye and joint insertion)
    • Eraser end of new pencil (to use as stuffing tool)
    • Pins (to hold pieces together while sewing)
    • Needles:
      • #16 milliners needles (or a size 7 Quilter's basting needle) (for hand sewing and closing seams)
      • 3" soft sculpture needle (for nose embroidery)
      • 5" doll needle (to insert eyes)

When you have discovered how much you love making teddy bears, you may want to add more bear making tools to your toolbox.  This blog post shares what is in my bear making tool box:

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