The Best Gifts for DIY Teddy Bear Makers

It's that time of year when friends and family are looking for gift ideas for their favorite bear maker.  This year I thought I'd come up with 10 gift ideas for your favorite bear maker with prices ranging from $10 - $500.

1) Quilter's Plastic Template Sheets:

Perfect for your teddy bear patterns.  Trace your patterns onto these plastic sheets and cut them out.  Now your teddy bear patterns are practically indestructible!

Quilter's Plastic Template Sheets


2) C.S. Osborne Round Point Upholstery Straight Needle Kit:

These specialty needles make inserting teddy bear eyes a breeze!

C.S. Osborne Round Point Upholstery Straight Needle Kit

3) 5" Fiskars Micro Tip Easy Action Shears:

These scissors are so much easier on your hands when you are cutting out your teddy bear parts!

5" Fiskars Micro Tip Easy Action Shears

4) 4" Gingher Curved Embroidery Scissors:

These curved embroidery scissors are wonderful when you trim the muzzle on your teddy bears as they curve along with your teddy bear's muzzle.

4" Gingher Curved Embroidery Scissors

5) eGift Card for DIY teddy bear making kits and patterns:$25-$200-p425578304

This is a digital gift card for teddy bear making kits and patterns at my own online shop.  After the purchase, you will receive an email with the gift card and instructions on how to use it. The card can be used as payment for any products I have.

eGift Card for DIY teddy bear making kits and patterns

6) Mustache trimmer (battery operated):

Makes trimming seam allowances a breeze!  Also very helpful when trimming a teddy bear muzzle.

Mustache trimmer (battery operated)

7) Sizzix Stuffing Tool:

Great tool to aid with stuffing your teddy bears.  This is very similar to the mini cotter pin turner that I use as a stuffing stick.

Sizzix Stuffing Tool

8) Storage box for bear making supplies:

I use a Plano tackle box to store my teddy bear making tools and supplies.  I keep my teddy bear joint discs, jointing hardware, glass teddy bear eyes, thread, pearl cotton and artificial sinew all together in this box.  It's great to have all of your basic bear making needs (except the fur) in one place.

Storage box for bear making supplies

9) Gift Membership to Teddy Bear Academy:

Choose between a 6 or 12 month gift membership to Teddy Bear Academy and your recipient will get unlimited access to the entire library of bear making video courses, free teddy bear patterns and more!  You will receive a gift certificate to print out at home.  The membership will start after the recipient starts the set up process.

Gift Membership to Teddy Bear Academy

10) Janome HD 3000 sewing machine:

When I started making teddy bears, I used a simple Kenmore sewing machine.  It was a very basic model that was under $200.  It did OK I guess, but I had a hard time with some of the mohairs and furs I used.  A while ago I upgraded my sewing machine to a Viking Romeo sewing machine.  I think they came out in the late 1990's and have since been discontinued.  If I was buying a new sewing machine today, I would go with the Janome HD 3000.  It's a good heavy duty sewing machine.  For my basic teddy bear sewing, I prefer a good heavy duty machine.

Janome HD 3000 sewing machine