Rice as a Tool for Teddy Bear Making

In this week's free video I will show you how rice can help you with your bear making.  And NO, I do NOT mean that you should put rice in your bears!

Quite often when you are doing handwork, your hands, they get sore.  One way to help alleviate the soreness and stiffness of your hands is to take a bowl of rice.  Put it in the microwave.  I usually put that much rice in my microwave for about a minute.

Now the rice is nice and warm.  Just stick your hand right down in the rice.  It will feel really good.

You don't want to make the rice too hot because you don't want to burn your hand.  For me I found this much rice in my microwave gets to the right temperature in about a minute.  Give your hands this treatment and you'll be ready to sew again!

When you are done with the rice, save it to use it again.  What I do is I pour it into a gallon size plastic bag and I do mark it "For Hands", so I don't use it to make dinner.

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