Finding Time to Make Teddy Bears

find time for bear making

I don't know about you, but I used to have a hard time finding time to make teddy bears.  Back in 2000 I was find time for bear makingworking a full time job,  taking care of a home and my family including 2 dogs!  I loved making teddy bears, but just couldn't find the time to do it.

Then I started trying to figure out how to work bear making into my busy life.

my bear making trayI had a craft tray from somewhere that worked very well as a place to hold my bear making things on my lap. (There are some craft trays on Amazon here.) Sometimes I needed extra light, and found these book lights by UltraBright worked very well!  They are LED and very bright.  I needed the freedom of no cords and these work on 3 AA batteries.

I started working on bears while relaxing with my family in the evenings.  I put my supplies, tools and tray in a tote bag and would bring it to work so I could work on bears at lunch.  If I had a doctor's appointment, or if I had to take my daughter somewhere for extracurricular activities, I'd work on bears while I waiting.  Soon, I was finishing bears!

I hope this helps you with finding time to work on your bear making.  Stay tuned for more helpful hints!