Teddy Bear Making Classes

Learn How to Make & Sell Beautiful Teddy Bears

4 Bears Collage
I will personally show you how - step by step...
inside Teddy Bear Academy with detailed video courses.
Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a teddy bear
but had no idea where to begin?
Are you already making teddy bears and wondered how to begin selling them?
Then you are in the right place!
Who is Laura Lynn?

Laura Lynn with teddy bear class students
Hi, I'm Laura Lynn and I've been a professional teddy bear artist since 2001 with collectors all over the world.

After making bears for a number of years, I decided to share my love of bear making with local teddy bear making classes.

In 2014 I created Teddy Bear Academy so that I could teach you how to make & sell teddy bears regardless of where you live.

What is Teddy Bear Academy?

Teddy Bear Academy is a membership community where you have unlimited access to the constantly growing library of teddy bear making workshops.

It's like Netflix, but for people who want to learn how to make teddy bears.

With my new Professional membership level,
you will also learn my secrets to selling teddy bears online.