Marco – 12″ Beginner Bear Making Class

How to make a teddy bearThis video teddy bear workshop will show you how to make Marco, a 12″ fully jointed mohair bear.

Not sure what type of jointing to use?  This class will go through both disc and cotter pin jointing and bolt and lock nut jointing.  Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

Cotter pins are often easier for many people to use.  The only tool you need is either a pair of needle nosed pliers or a cotter pin turner.

Bolts and lock  nuts are easier to get nice stiff joints.  There is a little more involved in using them.  You will need 2 nut drivers.  I use a size 5/16th and a size 1/4".

In this 4 week streaming video class I will show you step by step how to cut out,  sew,  perfectly fit the footpads and head gusset, how to insert disc and pin joints and bolt and lock nut joints stuff and close the limbs, stuff the head, stitch the nose, insert the eyes, attach the ears and add your finishing touches.

Any time – day or night.   You have access to your class 24/7,  365 days a year.  Your access does not expire.   The class is layed out in a weekly format, but you can go as slowly or as quickly as you like.  If you have questions, I am just an email away.

Check out the bears that other students have created!

How to Make a Teddy Bear

 Teddy Bear Making Class