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Bear Making Classes

Marco 12" Fully Jointed Bear Class Rocko 4" Miniature Bear ClassPeter Rabbit Mohair Bunny ClassTeddy Bear Witch ClassAntique Style Teddy Bear ClassTeddy Bear Ornaments Class

Jolly - Elf Teddy Bear ClassBears from Fur Coats

Techniques & Tips for Making Teddy Bears

How to Stitch a Nose on a Teddy Bear Nose Tip to prevent fuzziesTip #2 for Finishing a Nose

Inserting Teddy Bear EyesHow to Paint Glass Eyes for Teddy BearsAdding Eye Whites

Attaching the EarsTip for Positioning the EarsHow to Add Joints to Teddy Bears

Perfect Teddy Bear Footpads Shading Paw PadsFloppy bunny ears and cotton tail

Shading FacesTrimming Teddy Bear FacesAdding sewn in labels to your bears   Using Fabric for limbs and earsOrganize Teddy Bear Making SuppliesTips for Fabrics that Fray